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  • sbobet (Saturday, March 08 14 01:32 pm EST)

    I quite like reading an article that can make people think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

  • Irene sv katja (Tuesday, February 11 14 08:34 pm EST)

    Your quote: "The classes were good and I learned a bit, esp how to interpret the Coast Guard tests. They seem to be written more to confuse than to really divine the knowledge of the student"

    Sooo true! You took the words right out of my mouth (many years ago, but remember it well) Some tests!

    Irene sv katja

  • Katrina Dugan (Sunday, February 09 14 10:51 am EST)

    I love catching up with your website. it just keeps getting better and better. too bad we're going to be like 2 ships passing in the night.
    auntie katrina

  • mom (Wednesday, October 23 13 05:08 pm EDT)

    Trinidad.. another chapter written! Well done, but glad you're "aweigh" - as Anthony would say! Glad you checked in on SPOT and can see you're in the middle of nowhere between Trinidad and Granada! Safe journey & Fair winds! See you soon, love, mom

  • Carolyn Korona (Saturday, September 21 13 02:40 pm EDT)

    Your website is awesome. I love being able to see what you're up too. I work with a lady from Tobago.

  • Wayne (not Dana, but) ya probably knew that (Friday, September 06 13 12:42 pm EDT)

    What would I like to see? Ya need ta ask? Bewbs Baby! Not one bikini shot here in months! Pony up! lol

  • Philthy Phil (Sunday, September 01 13 08:12 pm EDT)

    Snook season opened!
    What's a Mexican train excercise?
    I was lookin' for ya in the carnival.
    Love Phil.

  • mom (Tuesday, August 20 13 11:56 am EDT)

    Just catching up on your travels. Photos are great and stories interesting! Everything looks yummy, beautiful and truly amazing!!! Looking at all the lovely vistas and interesting ports of call, I have to say... I envy you! Enjoy, treasure and relish the moments. love you, mom

  • wayne (Wednesday, August 14 13 09:37 am EDT)

    Where are ya?
    Whatcha doin?
    We would like more frequent blogs!
    With more bikini pics!
    Just kinda missing ya...

  • Lynn (Sunday, July 14 13 12:57 pm EDT)

    Great to see you're moving south! We loved Saba, but the rolling was extreme!

  • jennifer korona (Saturday, July 13 13 09:45 am EDT)

    Love seeing your updates. Photos and commentary are a great way to "shadow" your journey. Saba looked very cool and pretty. Old spice in the next box full of goodies.. guess we just have to wait til we know where you settle long enough to get your next treasure chest!! Thinking of you always, Love, mom

  • Chris Green (Monday, May 13 13 09:28 pm EDT)

    I am patiently awaiting your photos and comments about our grand adventure! I have finally gone back to work - a week later than planned - to only be told that I have the worse luck! Can't wait for you and Michael to get thru your adventures so I can book you two for a nice trimaran charter with my kids and family for Janurary or February??? Will you be back by then? Hope all is well and you are relaxing some! Be safe out there and enjoy!!!!

  • jessica (Wednesday, April 17 13 12:21 pm EDT)

    hope you had a really great time,, great pics i love the spring!!!! ohhh and your new found friend.. lol i sooo wanna go

  • Kristina (Friday, April 12 13 09:16 pm EDT)

    So happy for you. The pic and stories sound amazing!! Makes me wanna take some time off the grid:) All the best on your many adventures ahead.

  • auntie katrina (Monday, April 01 13 04:51 pm EDT)

    more great photos! really enjoyed the video with all the dolphins! can't wait for your comments about Cassie and Steph's trip. and next week your mom & dad. I know they all were so excited. love,

  • Jennifer Korona (Monday, March 18 13 10:44 am EDT)

    Love the videos! Great way to see and experience your travels.. good selection of music too.
    Looking forward to April!!
    love, mom

  • auntie katrina (Saturday, March 09 13 02:42 pm EST)

    loooovvvveeedd the videos. (too bad there arrrrrhhhhhn't more "r"s.) very impressive. transitions, music, some incredible shots. btw: one of the video's ran at the same time. (close to the bottom). please send me the photo of you and michael just above mar 2d text, 1:17 min in. will add that to my digital frame. before you know it everyone will be on their way to you. how exciting! love, auntie katrina

  • mike vienne (Wednesday, February 27 13 03:47 pm EST)

    it was nice meeting you and thanks for the site, i will follow you and mike as you guys float along the seas. Be careful and enjoy yourself.

  • Irene Loycano (Tuesday, February 26 13 07:28 pm EST)

    OK, you will have to figure out how "liking' you will provide me with a picture in Facebook. ???? Irene
    you'll wish I had never logged on, trouble again ..

  • irene loycano (Tuesday, February 26 13 07:20 pm EST)

    "it is nice not to have to be anywhere for a change" Let's drink to that. Still at the Venetian Causeway. Getting around to things like your blog. More reading tomorrow. Looks good and will enjoy your pictures. Irene sv katja. Looks like there is a place to 'like'. Everywhere these days. Will like you on the way out.

  • mom (Saturday, February 16 13 01:19 pm EST)

    loved your update. Weather and islands look perfect! Thinking of you... love, mom

  • mom (Wednesday, February 06 13 06:46 pm EST)

    OK, you're back onboard.. let's have an update...
    love you, mom

  • mom (Thursday, November 22 12 09:49 pm EST)

    We've been watching your progress every day.. thinking of you and hoping the weather and winds are ever in your favor! You're not too far off now. Happy Thanksgiving!! love, mom

  • Linda Crozier (Friday, November 16 12 10:20 am EST)

    Great website! What an awesome experience. So much beauty you get to explore & discover. Fair winds & stay safe. xoxo

  • Carolyn Korona (Thursday, November 15 12 12:42 am EST)

    Wow, awesome. I asked if you were going to be around for Thanksgiving and your Mom sent me this website...I had no idea...what an amazing trip! Enjoy!

  • Kevin Allen (Wednesday, November 14 12 09:26 pm EST)

    Nice to see you while you were in Hampton, my old Ron Jon co-worker! Stay beautiful!

  • mom (Wednesday, November 14 12 06:10 pm EST)

    We check your progress every day!! You're east of Daytona (approximately) and north of Dominican Republic. Seems like about 7-800 miles from BVI.. destination! You're making great time from what we can see!! Love you and may the winds always be in your favor!!!!! love mom & Phil 11.14

  • Jennifer Korona (Monday, November 12 12 09:04 am EST)

    I see that you are midway down North Carolina and further out than the coast of Florida.. "deep in the blue sea"... Stay safe and warm..
    love, mom

  • Michelle Briggs (Thursday, November 08 12 11:30 pm EST)

    Pretty cool website you guys. I love it. I sent the email and had to correct the website immediately it is saltydawgrally.org and you are on the list with a handy link to this website. I wish you a wonderful trip, keep your head away from bolts...I had that experience once when Dad was outrunning one of the many killer storms that plagued us on our vacations. Remember that...at least you check the weather report. Love you guys.

  • mom (Thursday, November 08 12 06:29 pm EST)

    Uummmmmm... some people mount those things... on the hood/bow/front... of moving vehicles/vessels... :)

  • Krista (Wednesday, November 07 12 10:32 am EST)

    I finally found your site. Awesome!

    You should send a notice out to all of the non-Facebookers who would love to see what you're doing.

    Stay safe -- Love ya!

  • mom (Wednesday, October 31 12 10:47 am EDT)

    Hmmmm... bird barge.. great photos...
    glad you're safe and sound,love mom

  • Chrissie (Tuesday, October 30 12 01:47 pm EDT)

    Hi Guys! those photos of the electric plug are scary! Who gets to unplug?

  • Jennifer Korona (Wednesday, October 24 12 12:29 pm EDT)

    "link to drinks" .. now that's my idea of a link.. to happy hour and suns over the yardarms.. love.. mom :)

  • mom (Saturday, October 20 12 07:45 pm EDT)

    1st... I love all the photos... what an amazing journey and so glad this is "the time of your life".. I can so appreciate where you are and what you are doing at this time of your life. Love you always... thinking of you always... proud of you always...
    Mom... :)

  • Kristina Dugan (Friday, October 19 12 03:27 pm EDT)

    Looks like you're having a helluva time - some of the shots are just spectacular. What an adventure!!

  • James (Friday, October 19 12 01:59 pm EDT)

    site looks great

  • Irene (Wednesday, October 10 12 06:30 pm EDT)

    Love the heading picture of the mooringball painter. Website looks great so far! Irene sv katja